It has been a very long day with eyes glued to the NOS journal on the updates of Corona Virus. As many of you have probably heard, we will need to close The Movement Practice until 6 April. 

At the moment we are looking into different options to stay in contact and keep moving together.

Do you have a Ski or Snowboarding trip planned this coming winter?  Then it is time to get your body ready for the Winter Season!

We are offering special Ski Conditioning Reformer Classes to prepare your muscles for the slopes. We will improve your power for more speed and control on the hill with conditioning exercises for your legs, hips, back and core. The classes will help reduce the chances of injuries and your muscles will ache less during your vacation.

Starting on Friday November 29 at 9:30am

Please send an email to if you like to join this special private group.

Unlimited classes with 50% discount in September

Start an Unlimited Mat (lover or addict) or
Unlimited Mat & Reformer (lover or addict) subscription
at TMP and train the first month for half price.

Available at the reception.

Sunday 15 September 16:00 – 18:15

Come – and offer your body a well-deserved gift of Self Massage! Squish your body and reset your internal architecture, start the new year with a “reset” for your body.

Location: TMP, Korte Schimmelstraat 18, Amsterdam
Price: 55 euro

Sunday 14:00 – 15:00 Pilates & Stretch

Wednesday 18:30 and Sunday 10:00 Reformer intro/fundamental classes

Saturday 13:30 – 14:30 Free Mat class (taught by an apprentice teacher)


Join a Pilates and Stretch class if you want to improve more on mobility and flexibility during your Pilates session.

Join a Reformer intro/fundamental class if you have no experience on the reformers but want to start expand your Pilates on this awesome machine with spring resistance. Besides your core you can train your legs and arms and have a full body workout to gain strength, flexibility and improve your posture throughout.

Join a free mat class on Saturday’s during the summer. We have apprentice teachers who are keen to teach, have finished their BASI training modules and love to practice and expand their teaching.

unlimited reformer classes




Do you really want to progress to a strong yet mobile body, this is the special for you. One month of unlimited Reformer classes, will give you all the flexibility you need to participate in these lovely total body work outs. 

Packages are valid for 1 month after purchase.

Experience with reformer classes is required.


No experience on the reformer? Book a couple of apprentice privates to get to know the machine, the exercises and your own body even better.

Target your specific needs with a 1 on 1 session with an Apprentice teacher. Following the BASI Block System and incorporating various Pilates apparatuses you receive full body work out.

Apprentices are students who have completed BASI Pilates Foundation Program, they are progressing through the Graduate Program and working toward completing their certification.

All highly skilled Apprentices here at The Movement Practice Pilates Studio have auditioned and their teaching ability meets the level of quality expected from BASI Pilates’ headquarters.

Apprentice Equipment Single € 35
Apprentice Equipment – 5 Class Card € 150
Apprentice Equipment – 10 Class Card € 280

Experience a Pilates Workout on the Reformer with our new Reformer classes added on Tmp class schedule as follows:

  • Monday 19:30 intermediate level (Jana)
  • Tuesday 19:30 basic level (Pelin)
  • Wednesday 20:00 basic level (Effie)
  • Saturday 9:30 open level (Fenna)
  • Saturday 10:30 intermediate level (Fenna)

Work on strong legs and more stability in ankles and knees with foot work on the Reformer.
Find your perfect alignment within the Full Body exercises.
Take your Abdominal Work to the next level by working with spring resistance.  

Book your spots in advance as the space is limited (4 spots):