Psychomotor Therapy with Ellen van der Kooij.

Psychomotor therapy (PMT) is indicated when there is an interaction between psychosocial and physical problems. It is a common therapy method in Mental Health Institutes. Psychomotor therapists use different body oriented techniques depending on the question of the client. They work with breathing, relaxation, posture, body language, boundaries, expression, empowerment and nonverbal communication to improve psychosocial well-being. It is effective not only in diminishing stress symptoms, but also works on the original causes, using the information of your own body. The client can be helped to feel more comfortable with his/her body and in contact. The exercises have sometimes a training character, and can also be exploring or supportive.

Sensorimotor psychotherapy (developed by Pat Ogden & Kekuni Minton in the U.S.) is a gentle mindful method that works directly with the stress of traumatization;  it helps you to feel more connected and more in control. This technique works directly with the memory of the body and combines mindfulness, attachment theories and neurophysiological research.

I can help you with treatments solving the following issues:

  • difficulty to come into action, impulsivity
  • being too rational
  • problems in contact
  • depression
  • feeling insecure, or unsafe
  • difficulty making decisions
  • uncertain in showing yourself
  • stress in your body that refers to unresolved emotions
  • (work related) stress, burn-out
  • psychological effects of body-related problems


Introduction session: 40,00
Individual session 3/4 hour: 55,00
Individual Session 1 hour: 75,00


Monday-, Tuesday- and Wednesday afternoon.
For an appointment call: tel.06- 4988 4410

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