Very happy to announce that the TMP studio is open for all our regular activities again. You can book private sessions or join a group class Mat of Reformer again in the space. Have a look at our schedule to see which classes take place in the studio and which mat classes are available online.

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Due to the new Corona rules issued by the Dutch government, TMP will temporarily close its doors from December 19.  

The good news is we are ready to keep you moving through the holidays and into the new year!

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Celebrate with us on 25 December with a free X-MAS Special online mat class. Invite your friends and family to join you for this online class with Noha!

Free open level mat class online
Saturday 25 December 15:00

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From 28 Nov onwards we have some new covid related policies at TMP.

Coming to the studio for a class:

– Come dressed for your session. 
– Bring your valid QR code to scan upon entry
– Wear your face mask while moving through the studio (you can take it off when you are at your mat or machine)
– Keep 1,5 m distance (pay extra attention when moving through the studio/room and give each other space and time)

Opening times and general covid regulations:

– We are closed at 17:00, check out our new schedule for morning classes, lunch break classes, and online evening classes.
– Use the entrance of the room you have your class or session at (check to see where your teacher is working by looking in). 
– If you have any covid related symtoms please get tested at the ggd and only come to the studio if you have a negative test result. 

Have a look at the current schedule

Dear all,

As of 6 November 2021, when coming to TMP for your exercise (Privates, Group classes or other activities) you will have to bring your phone or printout with your QR code. Your teacher will scan and check your QR code before you start your class or session. (Note: you can get a valid QR code if you are fully vaccinated, recently have had COVID and are not contagious any more, or have a negative test result not older than 24 hours.)

When having a private session (duet or trio) we are used to getting close and using tactile cues (giving hands-on feedback), if you would like your teacher to keep distance or if you prefer to wear a mask while being within a 1,5 m radius, just let your teacher know and you can both wear a mask.

If you are not comfortable (or able) to show us your valid QR code unfortunately we will not be able to have you in the studio. Please reach out to us to cancel or reschedule your session ahead of time or join one of our online classes or schedule an online private session with your teacher.

We understand that these changes are not easy for some of you and there are a variety of opinions on these matters, but to run TMP safely (and create a safe environment for all our clients and staff) we are going to follow the guidelines communicated by the Dutch government and RIVM. We hope to have your understanding and compliance and of course hope to keep seeing you all for your practice.


Everyone back from vacation (or covid) break and ready to start some Pilates in the studio again? We have added the following classes to our schedule:

Mat Classes

Monday 18:30 – Basic level w Noha – in studio
Tuesday 10:00 – Foam Roller w Jimmy – in studio
Saturday 10:30 – Intermediate w Noha – in studio
Saturday 12:00 – Open level Flow w Elisa – online

Reformer Classes

Monday 19:30 – Basic level w Noha

Wednesday 9:00 – Basic level w Ola

Check out our schedule to see which classes we offer per day.

We would like to bring your attention to the following, as of October first we will raise our prices. Our prices haven’t been raised in over three years and it didn’t feel appropriate to do so the last 1,5 year. 
After reevaluating our price list and the activities we are currently running (small groups and private Pilates) it was clear that our rates needed to be updated. Have a look at our new rates page to see what this means for you. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the membership or package you currently have and how this will chance, please talk to your teacher or send us an email. 

Until 1 October 2021 you can still purchase the packages for the current (lower) rates. Keep in mind that 5 packs are valid for 2 months after purchasing and 10 packs are good for 4 months.

Thursday morning at 9:00 Ana teaches a Pilates class with a special focus. The next 3 weeks are all about the hips. The pelvis, lower back and femur and how they move together in Pilates are the focus of this class. You can join if this is a problem area or just because you are interested to know more about a specific body part in motion.

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From 5 June onwards our Reformer classes are back on the schedule. They remain in small groups allowing for safe and precise Pilates work. The classes are 55 minutes and have 4 spots. Have a look at our class schedule to find the day/time/level you like.

We have an amazing team of teachers excited to teach in the studio again!

Thursdays 9:00 w Ana Nikitovic

Starting this May on Thursday morning at 9:00, Ana will teach a Pilates class with a special focus. The next 3 weeks are all about the shoulders. Learn how to move the shoulder in daily life as well as in your Pilates class. You can join if this is a problem area or just because you are interested to know more about a specific body part in motion. 

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