Invite a friend to your online class!
Book an online class and share the link with a friend
to join the class with you.* 

The online classes are still in small groups, with the camera’s turned on, so the teacher can see you move and give you personal cues. Perfect to join when you are staying in and don’t want to share a room with others, and easy to add to your work/stay at home routine.

* Invite max. 1 person per class (this way we can keep the class small and personal).
* You share the invite zoom link with your friend (on your own).
* The visitor will be asked to share their name and email in the zoom chat.

* Valid from 30 Sept – 31 Oct 2020

Join the online zoom classes from the comfort of our studio.  Limited due to social distancing, but motivated to offer mat classes for a low rate at the studio, we have openend 4 spots to join certain zoom classes with a mat at TMP. Watch your teacher in person and enjoy your class in a pilates studio room.

You can join this class by signing up through our schedule or via Mind Body. Look for the “mat @ TMP” classes. These spots can be booked for pre-COVID mat rates. If you had an active card before the lock down you can send us an email to active your remaining credits again to join the classes.

YEESS!! They are back on the schedule… the reformer classes. This is a small group class (max. 4 spots) on the Pilates Reformers. Leg work, hip work, core, arms, you will do it all in these classes. The small group allows for a safe environment with a lot of personalized work. Sign up through our schedule.

For all women who are pregnant or recovering from giving birth: we offer Quartet Session in the studio. These are classes in a small group setting (max. 4 people) that will allow for precise work tailored to your needs, with all the props (balls, bands, rollers, circles and mats) we need at our finger tips.

Summer package: 4 classes for 104 euro

contact: with your preferred day/time or sign up for one of the existing groups in our schedule.

On Tuesday evenings 20:30 you can join Susanne for a Pilates mat class outside around the corner from TMP. Bring your own mat, water bottle and dress for the weather. 1-2 hours before the class you will receive an email with the details of the class. In case of bad weather will we send you a zoom link instead for the class to take place online. You can join the outdoor classes with your regular mat card or with your online mat credits. Hope to see you in 3D soon!

Thursday 21 May 10:00 w Susanne, an open level mat class around the corner from TMP. Bring your own mat and join us outside, open air and in the green. Looking forward to see you in person from 1,5 meter away. Sign up through our schedule.

End your work week with a Big Ball Pilates class from Amy on Friday 16:30. Hang around a bit longer and you might end up in an online vrijdag middag borrel.

Since the COVID lock down we offer our mat classes online. These online classes are very much like our studio classes; in small groups, with personal cues/feedback, lovely people joining and highly qualified and experienced teachers. Have a look at our online schedule and find the class that fits your level. We offer classes every day of the week and for every body.

Sunday 26 April at 11:00 w Ola Mazur

A gift to all who have been supporting us by coming to our online studio or a chance to experience an online class if you have not yet. Hope to see you all soon! Thank you Ola!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:15 – 11:45

May vacation challenge, 30 min pilates work outs and fun for parent(s) & kid(s). Join Susanne and Yves for two weeks during the May vacation in their Pilates Camp from home.

Price: 60 euro

Dates: 27 April Kings day kick off, 29 April, 1 May, 4,6,8 May

Time: 12:00 – 12:30

Via zoom, w all the family members that want to join.