Lynne is a Dublin girl that’s made Amsterdam her home for some years now. It was in Amsterdam that she discovered and found her love of Pilates. Having practiced dance and other sports throughout her life, she have always appreciated the art of movement and how that marries in with our mind state and find that combination is perfectly balanced in a good pilates practice.

“For me pilates is a lifestyle that enables you to get reacquainted with your body in a challenging but calm way. The ‘post class feeling’ leaves you feeling worked, stretched and clearer in your mind every time. In my ‘other work’ as a Pharmacovigilance Scientist my objective is to ensure we have safe and effective products available to patients to fundamentally make them feel better and I feel my work as a Pilates teacher is the other string in my bow to try to help people feel better, more aligned and stronger through movement during my class.”

Currently she is finalizing her training as a Mat and Equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, F2) teacher and working towards completing her practice hours.

“My goal as a teacher is to introduce people to pilates and the benefits of it with a keen focus on educating and relearning clients on the workings of their anatomy in a fun, safe and sweaty way….all delivered in an Irish accent 😊.”

Elisa has moved from Hong Kong to Amsterdam in 2020. She has been a certified BASI mat teacher since 2014, and comprehensive global teacher since 2022, with multiple years of teaching experience. Elisa brings a special eye for the human body as a whole to her sessions with an education in muscle release technique and aromatherapy. You can join her group classes, book a private Pilates session with her or book one of the following massage sessions with her; Vacuum Therapy (cupping), Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage or Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

“In 2018, I walked into the Movement Practice as a client, wanting to overcome some injuries and improve my physical condition. What I found was an incredible way of movement and exercise that changed my life completely!

The BASI Pilates method became a “medicine” for soul and body and the gains were so many that it motivated me to follow the teacher training course in 2019. With the support and coaching from the highly professional and experienced teachers at The Movement Practice, since recently, I am a fully certified pilates teacher!

With great pleasure, I teach and practice Pilates with people that want to improve their condition, achieve a stronger, more flexible, and agile body, while seeing their mood boost through this wonderful way of self-love!”

Noha Ramadan is a choreographer, dance educator and pilates instructor. She has been training at TMP since 2015, and holds a certification in mat and comprehensive global Pilates from BASI (Body and Science International).

Her dedication to pilates began after an injury, and led her to find a new relationship to many techniques she experienced as a professional dancer over the last 20 years including release technique, ideokinesis, and body-mind centering. Pilates helps her to feel grounded and connected in all areas of life, and to keep moving with a deeper sense of intention. Her goal as a pilates instructor is to support access for all bodies, and especially those often marginalised. She encourages BIPOC, queer/non-binary and transgender people to her classes. All are welcome.

During last fifteen years Jana lived in different countries and there she explored more of her interests for fitness, health and way of living. After studies of Life coaching and Microbiotics, Pilates became her new passion. Getting her fist certification for mat classes from Balance Body in 2013 in Prague and she continue her education after moving to Amsterdam where she became a certified teacher in BASI comprehensive program (mat and equipment). She has done additional courses to specialize and deepen her knowledge and holds certificates for: pre/postnatal Pilates, injuries & pathologies, osteoporosis, scoliosis and Pilates for runners. Jana is a senior teacher at TMP. She loves to work with different kind of people who have different bodies, minds and stories. She has a calming energy but knows how to make you work really hard during your practice. 

Susanne Gijsbers has been teaching Pilates since 2010, specialising in Pregnancy and Postnatal classes. She helped establish Pregnancy Pilates at The Movement Practice, the first of its kind in Amsterdam in 2011. It was her Pilates experience during the pregnancy of her second son that inspired her to go deeper into the Pilates field. Intensive study with Yolande Green of Pregnancy Pilates and mat education with Debbie Jenner were her first certifications. In addition she holds comprehensive teacher certifications in Pilates mat and equipment with Smartbody 2011/2012, and a certification in Essentrics. She attended the BASI professional ProBridge course for mat and apparatus in 2015. Her goal as a Pilates teacher is to pass on her enthusiasm for how Pilates makes you energised, strong and flexible, resulting in many ‘feel-good moments’!

Jimmy did two dance educations at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, first with the Teacher Department and second in Jazz Dance education. During those years he endured several injuries and had the opportunity to recover with Pilates equipment, mat and Floorbarre classes. His enthusiasm for the effectiveness of Pilates began there. Because of his injuries and passion for movement Jimmy wanted to go deeper into teaching others to have strong, flexible and functional bodies. Jimmy became a certified instructor in BASI Pilates Mat (2014), AALO Fitness Master (2012) and Essentrics (2014). In 2015, Jimmy became a BASI certified Comprehensive Teacher Trainer for Pilates apparatus. Jimmy is a master teacher and you can join many advanced classes, stretch classes, reformer classes and privates with him.

Aleksandra, called Ola by family and friends, has been teaching fitness since 2008 and Pilates since 2012. She is a BASI (Body Arts and Sciences International) teacher trainer and holds multiple Pilates certifications. Ola also holds a masters in Physiotherapy (2009). She finds in Pilates a natural link between therapy and fitness. Ola teaches beautiful group classes (mat and reformer), specializes in working with clients with Injuries and Pathologies privately and trains BASI students to become wonderful Pilates teachers as well.

Ellen has been teaching Pilates since 2004. She holds certifications from Power Pilates in New York (Beg/Int mat 2005), Comprehensive certification with Peak Pilates (2007) and a comprehensive education with Polestar (2014) with whom she now studies at the mentor level. In addition she is a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor (2003). Ellen incorporates the variety of field of knowledge from dance (she danced professionally for 13 years), Pilates, Yoga, meditation and psychology into her teaching. She believes the combination of flow in movement, breathing and concentration have a healing effect on one’s mind and body. Ellen teaches roll and release classes and workshops that focus on fascia release, tension relief and strength.