Pilates for Pregnancy (Pre/Post-Natal)
Pre-Natal Pilates provides a safe way of exercising throughout your pregnancy, giving you tools for deep support and mental strength. The class helps you create strength in preparation for labour and also helps you avoid common problems that occur in pregnancy such as – backache, postural imbalances, low-energy levels and poor circulation. If you have never practiced pilates before, we recommend you that you wait for 12 weeks into your pregnancy before beginning a course.

Post-Natal Pilates is designed to help you re-connect with your body and recover from giving birth. You will be guided to rediscover the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles as well as learn relaxation techniques. Your baby is welcome in this class. If you have never done pilates before, we recommend that you wait 8 weeks after birth. Doctor’s clearance may also be required. All group classes have a maximum of 10 students allowing for more personal attention within a group environment. Please see the weekly group class schedule for available classes.
Equipment Pilates for Pregnancy (Pre/Post-Natal)
A custom tailored movement program supports mothers before, during and after birth. To begin in an equipment program, you can enroll in the  3 introductory private class special. During your first lesson a file is created detailing your exercise program and any health issues. This file is updated at each session so that all teachers can be kept abreast of your progress and other relevant changes from week to week.

Trial Class (once) proefles: 15 euro

Single Pregnancy Pilates Mat: 17,50 euro
Pregnancy Pilates 6 class card: 81 euro

Pregnancy/Postnatal for equipment follows the normal rates for equipment classes.

Pregnancy Pilates Teachers: Susanne Gijsbers & Maxime Mennen
Tuesdays 18:30, Thursday 19:00, Fridays 11:00 and Saturdays 10:30

Postnatal Teacher: Susanne Gijsbers
Mondays 10:30 (babies welcome), Saturdays 11:30 (mommy’s only)

All classes are 55 minutes in length. Please arrive in advance to check in.
For info contact bookings@themovementpractice.com

+ 31 (0) 6 2880 2340 (limited access though the phone)