Zen Shiatsu Therapy with Martina Gudmundson.

Zen Shiatsu Theraphy derives from Traditional Oriental Medicine and its practice in japan. This form of shiatsu asks for seeing every person’s needs constantly upon new. Often associated with accupressure, shiatsu is a hands-on therapy given with soft pressure along the body. With the help of traditional diagnosing methods, such as feeling the pulse, zen shiatsu therapy can be curative for a large amount of symptoms and disbalances of the body. In general, chronic issues take longer to cure. Some people choose zen shiatsu therapy to release tension or to experience closer connection within the body.

Martina Gudmundson is licenced by Vereniging Zen Shiatsu: www.verenigingzenshiatsu.nl / Trained by Zen Shiatsu® Opleiding: www.zenshiatsu.nl

Mala Birute practices Lokai Shiatsu.

Lokai Shiatsu is a manual therapy that complements regular medicine well. Using the thumb, fingers and palms of the hands, the therapist puts pressure on the meridians to enable a free flow of vital life energy through the body. If necessary, he will also mobilise and stretch certain joints. By doing this the body’s self-healing ability is strengthened.


  • Physical blockages and injuries
  • Dancers, movers and musician specific issues
  • RSI and chronic pain
  • Neck, back, shoulders and pelvis problem
  • Do-In workshops / Meridian stretches
  • Shiatsu supporting the child in their development, together with the parent/s
  • Mother and baby shiatsu session
  • Preparation for birth : shiatsu combininh breath, visualisation and creating anchors.
  • Back pain and pelvic instability during and after pregnancy
  • Stimulating/inducing labour
  • Restorative treatments for mothers after birth


65 euro per session

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Martina is currently on pregnancy leave and not available for Shiatsu sessions.

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Please contact Mala Birute at malachiuk@yahoo.com.