Chi Kung with Remco Wernert and Andra Perrin

Chi Kung helps build more resilience to everyday life challenges physically, mentally and emotionally. Feeling more grounded, settled, centered are the ground principles to focus on in the class. In addition partner work (pushing hands) and concepts like the five element postures and stretches are investigated.

Chi Kung classes are drop in. Please contact the teacher directly for registration. Come 10 minutes in advance to reserve a spot. Mats and props are provided. You pay directly to the teacher with their rates. See below. There are two Chi Kung classes offered at The Movement Practice.

Schedule for Remco’s classes

Fridays at 10:15 -11:15 –  with Remco Wernert from Natural Ease, Netherlands. To find out more about Remco and his class, please visit


Schedule for Andra’s classes

Fridays at 18:00 -19:30 – with Andra Perrin . To find our more about Andra and her class, please visit